Bella Hadid on Versace Fall 2019 Men’s Fashion Week runway Illustration

Versace men’s fashion show in Milan had suits for both genders accessorized with safety pins looked back to another famous way-back-when Versace moment. Printed T-shirts , leather pants, and open-backed black silk jackets for men and women tethered by more harnessing provided the slap and tickle. The models of the moment were an image of sex appeal and fierce glamour in the bondage inspired collection.   

Bella Hadid on Versace Fall 2019 in MFW

I tried making the illustration of Bella hadid in this black dress with a puffer jacket, wearing black sneakers. The look is indeed fierce and bold which can be seen in all other versace MFW outfits too.

Model in Elie saab haute couture spring summer 2019 Illustration

Elie Saab’s haute couture spring summer 2019 collection
celebrates the magic of femininity. The collection had a liquid quality, with sinuous silhouettes dripping in silvery ocean-blue sequins. The looks were indeed dreamiest and luxurious.

Model in Elie saab haute couture spring summer 2019

I tried to illustrate Elie Saab’s luxurious design worn by the model in Ocean blue sequins. Using white paint I’ve given the shining effect of the sequins.

Simran Kaur’s illustration of
Model in Elie saab haute couture spring summer 2019

Model in Tory burch Ready-To-Wear Fall 2019 Illustration

Tory Burch’s fall offering mixed modern, polished classics — prominent herringbone and checked tailored trousers and long wool coats with rectangular, gold clasps, and cozy, neutral-toned sweaters — with more eccentric offerings, including knit fringed or paillette-adorned ponchos, pleated hems and ruffled sleeves.

Model in Tory Burch’s RTW Fall 2019 Collection

This time I decided to level up my game a little bit by making the illustration of this model in Tory Burch’s RTW Fall 2019 runway. The pleated skirt was a challenge ofcourse but Aliya Uten’s tutorial on youtube was way to helpful for me, and I tried my best to give the effects using all possible art supplies I had with me.

Simran Kaur’s Illustration of Tory burch Ready-To-Wear Fall 2019

Gigi Hadid on the Runway for Fendi Fall 2019 Illustration

Gigi Hadid closed the show at Fendi Women’s Fall 2019 Runway which was a tribute to Karl Lagerfeld who was creative director of the Italian fur and leather goods fashion house Fendi, since 1965. This was his last collection in which had put all his dedication.

Gigi Hadid on Runway for Fendi Fall 2019

I made my first illustration of Gigi Hadid in this beautiful yellow Fendi dress with knee-high light grey boots(with a yellowish orange strip around the zip),the new logo bodysuit, and a miniature printed bag.

Simran Kaur’s Illustration of Gigi hadid in Fendi Fall 2019 runway dress
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