Unicorn Fantasy Watercolor Painting

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Final Result

Watercolor Painting 1

Simran Kaur’s Watercolor painting 1

Portrait Painting 1

I’ve drawn this portrait by taking reference from an instagram model. It took me approx 4 hours to complete this look. I’ve tried to show you guys the steps behind this portrait which are as follows :

Final look of the portrait painting

Dreamy Aesthetic Landscape 6

The sixth one is a vertical landscape of sea and some flower bushes at its end can be seen. It is completely done by watercolors. It took me around an hour to complete this painting.

Dreamy Aesthetic Landscape 5

The fifth one is evening scene of a flower yard which has this shiny effect on the stems and leaves. It is completely done by watercolors and the shiny effect is given by acrylic colour.

Dreamy Aesthetic Landscape 4

The fourth one is a dreamy cool mountains at night with stars on the top which looks completely satisfying and peaceful. It is completely done by watercolors and the stars I’ve done with shiny acrylic colour.

Dreamy Aesthetic Landscape 3

For the third one I’ve simply decided to paint the beachy sunset scene. With the palm leaves at the top. It almost turned out the same as the reference picture from which i draw it. It is completely done by watercolors.

Simran Kaur’s Dreamy aesthetic landscape 3

Dreamy Aesthetic Landscape 2

For the second landscape I decided to go with kind of a sunset vibe and hence I’ve painted this picture from a reference photo. The mountains add a balance in the painting with the pink color and the moon above.

Simran Kaur’s Dreamy aesthetic landscape 2

Kendall Jenner Illustration July 2019

Kendall Jenner photographed by Oliver Hadlee Pearch and styled by Carlos Nazario Illustration in Vogue India July 2019 issue. She is wearing top, shorts and hat by Chanel, earings by Bjorg and necklace by Alighieri. I’ve tried to illustrate her with watercolors and outlined her with micron pen.

Simran Kaur’s Illustration of Kendall Jenner

Elsa Hosk at AmFar 2017 Illustration

This time I’ve drawn Elsa Hosk in gorgeous pink dress at the red carpet. She looked stunning as she walked through it.

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